What are the Responsibilities of a General Contractor?

In building or renovating any structure, one of the titles you will hear often is a general contractor. For homeowners who have had their homes renovated many times before, they might know everything there is to know about the roles and responsibilities of a general contractor.

But, for homeowners who have never had prior experience related to home construction or renovation, the responsibilities of a general contractor might be unclear. It is important to know the exact responsibilities of a general contractor before beginning a project with them. Knowing their responsibility will give you an idea with what to expect from your general contractor.

Simply put, a general contractor is responsible for ensuring that the entire home building or home renovation project runs smoothly. It is their responsibility to make sure that the project becomes a success.

To be a little more detailed, these are some of the important roles of a general contractor:

  • Creating and submitting an estimate of all the expenses that would be incurred during the construction/renovation
  • Taking care of all the paperwork (securing permits, getting approval, etc.) required before the project begins
  • Overseeing the daily operations in a construction or renovation site and making sure that the project runs smoothly and according to plan
  • Providing high-quality building materials for the construction/renovation
  • Providing all the building equipment necessary for the project, whether leased or bought
  • Hiring qualified and skilled subcontractors who will work on various parts of the project
  • Liaising with the architect, interior designers, subcontractors, builders, and the homeowner and ensuring that every party is on the same page
  • Making sure all the debris and junk is removed at the end of every day
  • Creating a timeline for each phase of the construction or renovation AND sticking to that timeline
  • Resolving all issues related to the construction or renovation project

Knowing the responsibilities of a general contractor would help you know if the contractor you have hired is doing a good job or not.