Types of Stairs

If you are meaning to have a major renovation to your home, one of the things you should consider updating is your stairway.

Getting a new set of stairs for your home would definitely give your home an all-new look. Staircases are often the center of attention in a home, and having them renovated will have a big impact on your house’s overall design.

Before we delve into the various types of stairs you can choose for your new home improvement project, it’s important to note that no matter which type of stairs you choose, the most crucial factor to prioritize is its safety. Stairs are among the most critical parts of the home and building it should be well-planned and carefully made.

Types of stairs for your home:

The type of stairs you should choose for your home will greatly depend on one thing – the amount of space you have.

Straight stairs – As you might have already guessed, straight stairs are simple and linear. Compared to other stair types, straight stairs are the easiest and quickest to build. The biggest disadvantage of straight stairs is that they consume a lot of linear space. This is why many homeowners make use of the area under the stairs and use it as storage to maximize space.

L-shaped stairs – Also called quarter turn stairs, that’s what this stair type will require you to do – take a quarter turn. L-shaped stairs are indeed shaped like the letter L and are usually installed next to the corner of a wall. L-shaped stairs are harder to build than straight stairs.

Spiral stairs – Out of all of the types of stairs, spiral stairs take the least space. Spiral stairs are tightly packed and it could be challenging to climb this stair type because of its narrowness. This type of stairs is ideal for homes with very limited space.